Buffalo Wing Burgers

To add to our Frank’s Hot sauce love, I found this recipe…not sure where from, but it is EXCELLENT. Enjoy grilling up these burgers! Super easy too!


Buffalo Wing Burgers
1/2 pound ground turkey (probably gr chicken would be good too…not sure about gr. beef tho)
1/4 cup hot sauce-What ever kind you like
1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/4 cup bread crumbs
Burger buns

1. Combine the ground turkey, hot sauce, blue cheese and bread crumbs.
2. Shape into patties.
3. Grill until done and serve on burger buns.


3 Comments on “Buffalo Wing Burgers”

  1. melissa says:

    YUM! I made something like this too…..it was so good! I need to make it again soon after seeing your post.

  2. Lauren says:


    If you are “tagged,” that means you have to answer the questions on my post and then post them in YOUR blog! 🙂

    Have fun – and I LOVE your blog!!


  3. […] naughty, greasy chicken wings, but way better for you. I saw these on another cooking blog called LovesToEat’s weblog. I changed her recipe up just a little bit, but be sure to check out the original as […]

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