Delicious Chocolates

Blakemakes Blog,, always has super great giveaways. Recently he was giving away three dark chocolate bars from, Amano Artisan Chocolates, I was one of the lucky to get a sample of the three dark chocolates. Normally when you get a freebie from Blakemakes you are to make something and post about it. But with these bars you could enjoy them or bake with them. Well, you can probably guess what I did with mine! YES, I ate them..not all at once, but I savored each bar and really thought about the taste and texture of the chocolates. Check out Blakemakes and see what else he has going on!

Here are the bars….


My favorite was the Cuyagua Dark Chocolate bar. While all three were deliciously rich and deep in dark chocolate flavor, the Cuyagua was my favorite because of the rich spice after taste and the very satisfying dark chocolate flavor. The taste lingers with you for hours. Try an Amano bar as soon as you can. For all dark chocolate lovers, this is it! The best!


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