Cooking tools review

I have recently purchased some new cooking tools. Here is a review and my thoughts:

Pampered Chef scoops. I used the medium scoop to make the correct size cookie ball for my chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were the perfect size, baked up well and made great balls to freeze for later baking. Once out of the freezer I was able to place the cookie dough balls on the sheet, bake them up and they were perfect for our party! I would highly recommend the medium scoop from Pampered Chef. I cant believe I forgot to add I also used the large scoop to fill my cupcake liners. I was amazed at how clean the process was. Normally I drip so much batter around hardly any gets in the liner. This time I had perfect size, perfectly filled and clean cupcakes! Thanks schoon for reminding me I had the large!! 🙂

Picture from Pampered Chef

The next tools I used were for baking a pie. I used the pastry brush from BBB for the egg wash, made it much easier to spread than anything else, used the pie gate (pampered chef) to keep the pie together in the pan after the first cut, and I also used a pie shield from BBB to keep the crust from burning in the oven during the long bake time. I would HIGHLY recommend any of these tools.


3 Comments on “Cooking tools review”

  1. Joelen says:

    Thanks for the review of PC tools! I don’t have a pie shield, but with so many great fresh fruits in season, I just might have to get one. Tinkering with making a pie shield with foil is for the birds – lol 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you on the medium scoop! It makes cookie making to easy and they turn out perfectly. I would also recommend the small and large scoops if you don’t have them.

  3. Katie says:

    Cool stuff! I have been considering purchasing some cooking tools, too. Do you know where I could find some useful and good-quality tools at good prices? I am a young student working part-time.

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