PRODUCT RAVE: Green bags

Recently my DH saw the infomercial for Debbie Meyers green bags. Knowing how many fruits and vegetables we eat in a week and how much goes bad in our hot, humid summer, he suggested I try these bags. I was very very  very skeptical, but I found them at bed, bath, and beyond and gave them a try. I followed the directions carefully, and repackaged all my fruits and veggies. WOW I AM SHOCKED. The DO work. After almost three weeks, here is a few pics of some of the veggies..cukes and green peppers. They look fresh bought. Not a spot on them…the only fruit I havent seen much change in is bananas. They seem to keep a day or two longer, but not as much as everything else. Potatoes, onions, lettuce, grapes, etc last 2-3 weeks at least. The bags are reusable too for up to 10 times each. Debbie Meyers also now has bags for breads, lunch meats and cheeses that I am SURE to buy. These bags really do work. Check them out at your local kitchen store!
Check out a few of our veggies:



2 Comments on “PRODUCT RAVE: Green bags”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Wow! I am so suprised that they actually work. Thanks for sharing! I will have to try these, because I always have at least one thing go bad!

  2. Brooke says:

    I love them to and was also planning on blogging about them this week. They are awesome. I have had mine for about two weeks and the food looks like I bought them yesterday.

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