Product review: Fruit Baskets

My parents were so generous when they sent H and I this Fruit Basket from Edible Arrangements. The basket was FULL of fruit-fresh fruit and chocolate covered pineapple and bananas. The fruit was so good and the chocolate was deep in flavor and stayed fresh tasting even days after it arrived. We were surprised how long the basket lasted us, about a week-the fruit would have lasted much longer but we ate it all!!! There was so much in the bouquet, we were able to share with our visiting friends, The Alexanders. Their kids loved it too. This is a great thank you, congrats, feel better, etc gift to send to someone!




2 Comments on “Product review: Fruit Baskets”

  1. goodthingscatered says:

    It’s beautiful and it looks DELICIOUS! How nice of them to send you that! 🙂

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