Steak sandwich

What to do with leftover steak? I could make fajitas, but I wasnt in the mood. So I made a great steak sandwich! Very easy to make, and very filling! The seasonings give it such a great flavor. I was surprised how great the seasonings tasted as I was nervous of putting Italian or Thyme on leftovers, but with the steak and cheese, holy great leftovers! Sorry the pic isnt great..Why are sandwiches so hard to photograph?At least it tastes GREAT!


Leftover steak sliced up
Cheese slices-I used Colby, mozzarella would be great too
Thyme or Italian seasonings
Black pepper
Prepared mustard
Favorite Bread-I used a ww wrap, but a good thick, crusty bread would be even better!

Heat oil or pam in pan. Layer steak and cheese on bottom piece of bread. Sprinkle on seasonings and top with other slice of bread. Toast in pan until each side is golden brown and the cheese is melty! Serve with a great mustard..I like a good, spicy sandwich mustard!


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