Asparagus Wraps

For my wine party appetizer, I found a great recipe in the Somerset Collection Holiday Recipes catalog for Asparagus Wraps! This was easy to make ahead of time and ended up being a HUGE hit!



1 8 oz. package cream cheese softened
10 asparagus stalks blanched and cooled
10 thinly sliced good quality prosciutto
juice from 1/2 lemon
2 tbsp finely chopped dill

Split cream cheese in half. In one half mix lemon,dill and cream cheese in a bowl.  Keep the other half plain.
Spread lemon and dill cream cheese on half of the prosciutto slices. Spread the plain cream cheese on the other slices.
Place one asparagus stalk in the middle of each slice of proscuitto. 
Roll up each one and refrigerate for 30 mins for easy slicing.
When firm enough, slice each roll up into 6 one inch pieces.
Arrange on plate and refrigerate until ready to serve!


2 Comments on “Asparagus Wraps”

  1. joelen says:

    What a fabulous appetizer idea! So creative and fresh!

  2. Erin says:

    I was able to eat a couple of these when my friend made them for a shower she went to. They are very good! I love how simple they tasted, in a good way. I’ll have to make them sometime myself!

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