I’ve been tagged!!!

I have to share 7 weird facts about myself!! I was tagged by The French Kitchen, http://thefrenchkitchen.wordpress.com/2008/12/18/tag-youre-it/. Check out her blog for all her great facts about herself!!

Now I must tag 5 people…

1. I dont like eating out. I love trying new things, but I just dont like eating out too often. I like to know what goes into my foods and how it is made. But when I do go out and decide what I am going to get, I savor each bite! I love food!!

2. I love crayons. I cant get enough of anything crayola! I even have a crayon maker machine to make my own crayons!

3. I love butter. I love baking and cooking with butter. I love buttered toast and even just the plain taste of butter..butter is my best friend!

4. I am obsessed with cleaning. I love love love to clean!!! I get such a thrill out a clean house and the effort it takes to get one!

5.  I was on the bowling team in high school. I wanted a varsity letter and with all the ballet and dance company classes I took, I never had time to go out for a team. So, the bowling team was all I had time for. I was on the team and got a letter! I still get teased for it! LOL My average was pretty low!

6. I love Christmas so much so that I could live somewhere where Christmas was celebrated all year long. Whoville looks like a place I would love to live!! I love everything Christmas and start getting into the season months before!

7. As much as I love Christmas, I HATE snow, cold, gloom, wind, winter coats, gloves, etc…I love that I dont live anywhere COLD at anytime!! I just cant handle it!!


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