Product Review: Butter Curler

For Christmas this year, I had asked for unusual kitchen gadgets. I received many and one of them was a butter curler! I was very excited to try this tool out and see what kind of curls I could make! It did take some time getting used to how to make the curls, but once I got going it was so much fun!

You can also use this tool for making chocolate curls and wax curls! You do have to use different pressure and a bit different technique on the chocolate, but I dont mind making mistakes with chocolate!! LOL!

Here are some tips on making butter curls and how to keep them curled for your dinner party or garnish!




Dip the curler  in hot water and then carefully pull it across the top of a 1/4 pound stick of butter that has been refrigerated and remains somewhat hard and cold. If the butter is too cold, the curl will be too brittle, so allow the stick to warm moderately for better carving of the curl. To retain the shape of the curl, place carved curls in a container of ice water and then refrigerate, in the water, until just prior to serving.

For chocolate, use the side of a larger bar (for easy stability) and carefully, with some pressure, pull the curler along the long side of the chocolate bar or wedge. Chocolate will tend to break easily if too dry, so try to use as fresh chocolate as you can. Place curls in a container and refrigerate until needed.  Garnish your dessert as needed!!!


2 Comments on “Product Review: Butter Curler”

  1. fingers80 says:

    Oh my gosh, how fun!!

  2. joelen says:

    What a fab little tool! I love that it’s versatile for other things like chocolate!

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