Product Review: Roll-A-Wizard

Once again I am featuring one of my Christmas gifts. H gave me the Roll-A-Wizard. I had been wanting something to quickly chop my herbs without having to use a knife and pound away. The Roll-A-Wizard chops the herbs in just a couple passes through. It also slices cheese and veggies Julienne style, has attachments to make animal crackers, a small wheel to roll out small batches of pastry, and an attachment to dice veggies or tenderize meats. This tool does all kinds of things and is dishwasher safe!! SCORE!

It is great fun to play around with…



3 Comments on “Product Review: Roll-A-Wizard”

  1. joelen says:

    Fun! I bet you could even cut homemade pasta/dough easily with that too!

  2. Patricia says:

    Where can I purchase one? I have been looking for over a year.

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