Product Review: Food Magazines

Over the years of trying and learning to cook, I always turned to cookbooks for inspiration and found that I would only use a few recipes from each cookbook and wound up spending more on cookbooks than I really needed to! Then came online recipes and it made it so much simpler, but lately I have found turning to cooking magazines is more helpful to me than any cookbook or online recipe…well magazines and the What’s Cooking Board!! I find what I like best about cooking magazines is each month is is centered around a theme and not just recipes, but tips, suggestions, advice, ideas, etc…I like reading not just the recipe but information about the ingredients, author, chef, restaurant, holiday, whatever the theme may be!

My favorite ones are: Cook’s Illustrated, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, and Food and Wine!


Cook’s Illustrated is great for getting equipment reviews, tips for using simple household items to make cooking and baking easier, very thorough how to and step by step recipes and why those steps and suggestions work so well, and great advice for the advanced cook as well as the beginner for the same recipe!

Cooking Light is so wonderful for making our favorite guilty pleasure recipes guilt free! What could be better. They also show how to plan and execute a perfect meal, how to stay healthy and even give great fitness tips to a healthier lifestyle!

Bon Appetit is a great gourmet cooking magazine that not only gives amazing recipes, but restaurant reviews, chef spotlights, regional information on the theme of their issue, a wide variety of very $$$$ meals while still keeping many of their recipes $! I find I use their magazine for our speical dinner parties, romantic dinners, but also for our daily desserts and meals. Planning out our meals even with a gourmet recipe can still be very budget friendly. Bon Appetit isnt for the advanced cook only, but for all cook and bakers alike!

Finally, my newest magazine love is, Food and Wine. My mom gave me this subscription for Christmas after my brother Mike had wanted it a few years back. Knowing what an amazing cook my brother is, I knew I had to have this magazine. While it is very very similar to Bon Appetit, it also gives great focus to wines. I like how it explains different wines, recipes with wine, and even desserts that are great with wine. Just like Bon Appetit, it isnt just for the gourmet cook or baker, but it appeals to all levels. I use it for our fancy meals, but also for our daily meals by planning and researching what I am getting. I still keep in budget while eating like royalty!!!

Eating well, healthy, and enjoyment can be done but doing a bit of work beforehand and reading these magazines sure does help! I am also looking forward to my other new magazine subscription, Food Network to start arriving. I did get their trial issue and loved it. Again, it is tried and true recipes with great tips and steps!

ENJOY and happy cooking/baking!


One Comment on “Product Review: Food Magazines”

  1. joelen says:

    I’m a fan of Cooks Illustrated and Cooking Light. I keep getting subscription offers for F&W and B&A… I may have to reconsider!

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