Product Review: Lenovo Pink Laptop

My newest cooking tool finally arrived!! Using a computer while cooking cuts down on continuously printing recipes. I find I can put my computer near my cooking/baking area and follow the recipe, look up answers to questions, and to easily post my blog updates. But my old computer, which was huge and heavy, didnt have any battery power left and had to ALWAYS be plugged in to use. That made it hard to cook with as the plugs were too close to where I would cook or bake and I didnt want to dirty it. So, H was sooooo generous and updated my computer this Christmas with this OH SO CUTE 10 inch Lenovo Pink Laptop! It works great, is small and light enough to cook and bake near and has great battery and memory! I can use this a long time before needing to plug it in and it can hold all my pictures, recipes, and notes! Great cooking/baking tool!

Here are a couple pictures of it…




6 Comments on “Product Review: Lenovo Pink Laptop”

  1. Joelen says:

    Yay! It definitely helps to have a laptop/pc near or in the kitchen. I actually work in the kitchen and its my preferred place in the house to be!

  2. thefrenchkitchen says:

    That is a great idea! My laptop crashed and we have been talking about getting me a new one, but much smaller. A small laptop I could use in the kitchen would be amazing. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that before!

  3. pinky says:

    acer aspire one pink
    I bought this netbook in February and it is still as fast and effective as it was when I took it out of the box. I take it with me to the library every time I go so I can access the wireless network on my own machine, plus I’ve taken it on vacation because it’s so portable. Plus, I do all of my graduate school work on this little machine. It still boots quickly and is able to run multiple applications at once. My favorite aspects of this computer are its portability, decent battery life, and the cute pink color.

  4. seks hikaye says:

    Great post!! I just have to copy it, I have written a blog about laptop, please come visit my site when u have time ^_^

  5. pink says:

    Pink Sony Vaio
    I purchased this Vaio from the Sony website. You can get the same machine, only you can choose your own specs: (such as a larger hard drive, faster processor etc). It’s an extremely attractive machine (hey, it’s pink that’s one of the reasons you are buying it, right?), the exterior is very sturdy the screen bright and clear, and the design is very modern.

    It is also virtually soundless although the hard drive can make a really high-pitched sound when its accessing. The battery power is decent, although I opted to upgrade my battery.

    Negatives: I found the vista edition less integrated with the Sony hardware than I would like. For instance, you cannot play DVDs in media center even though it has that option. Media center doesn’t recognize the dvd drive. Instead you can only use Wind..

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