Potato crusted salmon with herb salad

Once again my Food and Wine magazine recipes caught my eye!! I saw this recipe in the latest food and wine and it was fantastic. We love salmon and coming up with so many different recipes to keep us interested can be hard, but not when I saw this wonderful recipe. It was paired with a great Kenwood Pinot Noir. The Pinot really brought out the great, savory flavors in the salmon and herb salad. Great weeknight meal!



Ingredients: Serves 4, I cut in half for us.
4 cups frozen shredded potatoes thawed and squeezed dry.
2 tbsp snipped chives
2 tbsp all purpose flour
salt and pepper
4 8 oz skinless salmon fillets
1 cup veg oil
1 1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 1/2 tbsp evoo
4 oz. herb salad mix (about 6 packed cups)

In a medium bowl, toss the potatoes with chived and flour and season with salt and pepper. Lay the salmon fillets on a work surface and season with salt and pepper. Evenly pat the shredded potatoes onto the top of each fillet.
In a large nonstick skillet, heat the oil until simmering. Carefully add the salmon fillets to the oil, potato side down, and cook over moderately high heat, undisturbed, until browned, about 8 minutes. Carefully flip the salmon and cook for 1 minute longer. Using a slotted spatula, transfer the salmon to plates. Blot off any excess oil.
Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk the lemon juice, mustard and evoo. Season with salt and pepper. Add the herb salad mix and toss to coat. Transfer salad and salmon to plates and serve.


6 Comments on “Potato crusted salmon with herb salad”

  1. Joelen says:

    Mmm – I love salmon and this potato crust looks fantastic!

  2. bakinandeggs says:

    Great job. This looks amazing!

  3. I have tried this a very long time ago and totally forgot about what a great combination this really is! Thanks for the reminder!!

  4. bobbygee says:

    I am not a big fish fan but my wife is. Yet this looks really good. Bobby Gee Check out my blog

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    This is beautiful!

  6. Durbscurn says:

    Wow Article , I considered it extraordinary

    I look forward to more similar postings like this one. Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to for new posts?

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