Classic American Cheeseburger

Ahhh our love of burgers continues. For the 4th we grilled up great black Angus burgers! What is great about a classic burger is everyone can top theirs and make it to their liking which is exactly what we did. I offered our guest several different topping choices and we all enjoyed our amazing burgers!
I am also submitting this to Joelen’s Culinary Adventures Burger Bunday weekly round-up. Check out her WONDERFUL site each week for the delicious burgers recipes!



1-2 lbs or more depending on number of people eating gr black Angus 80/20 beef
Toppings of choice:  (Here is a long list of ideas for a great individualized burger!!):
Cheeses- American, Swiss, Mozzeralla, or Blue
Franks Hot Sauce
Salsa-Fresh is best
Seasonings-Salt, pepper, Montreal Steak, Italian seasonings, garlic powder, etc…
Thick bakery buns-Try grilling them a bit for a great toasting taste!

Heat grill and make burger patties and add seasonings. Grill burgers to each person’s liking-I like medium rare. Once done, immediately top with toppings (If topping with cheese, put cheese on burger before removing from grill. Let melt on burger about 1 min). I like to top mine with American cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, mustard on a thick slightly toasted bun. (I put my bun on the grill while the cheese is melting.) Enjoy immediately then grill up some more!!!!


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