Broiled Grapefruit

With delicious grapefruits coming into season, I grabbed up a few for my breakfast. My favorite way to have a grapefruit, is to broil it! This makes it tasty and warm perfect to get your day started right.



1 half of a grapefruit
sugar-I used splenda

Cut grapefruit in half and cut around the pith to separate the wedges. Sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar. Broil for about 5-15 mins depending on how brown you would like it. My oven does 5 mins, my toasted oven does 15 mins. I like it very brown and warm inside to help the cinnamon and sugar meld together. Slightly sizzling. Watch it to broil it to your liking.


One Comment on “Broiled Grapefruit”

  1. Lu says:

    I’ve never thought to broil a grapefruit. I bet it tastes wonderful.

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