Peppermint bark

The last thing I am making for H work is my all time favorite, peppermint bark. There are all kinds of recipes out there, but this is the one I always use!


16 oz very good dark chocolate
16 oz very good white chocolate-using the best yields a better taste
1 cups crushed candy canes

Melt the dark chocolate in micro or double boiler. When melted, pour into a parchment paper lined rimmed cookie/baking pan about 9×13 or 11×17 (makes it a bit thinner). Let cool for about a minute in the freezer. Dont let get too hard or the white layer wont stick. Melt white chocolate and carefully pour over dark chocolate and smooth out a bit to cover the entire dark chocolate area. Quickly add crushed candy canes. Freeze or put in fridge for at least 45 mins to fully harden. Once very hard, break into smaller pieces!


4 Comments on “Peppermint bark”

  1. cabin design says:

    I fell in love with the peppermints immediately! I love it! I like to put it in a jar and give them as presents this Christmas!

  2. Jen says:

    I’ve never actually made peppermint bark, even though I realize it’s really simple to make… Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

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  4. I love peppermint bark! Especially William Sonoma’s even though they cost an arm and a leg. Your pic was so pretty. Anyways, I tested out the recipe here. Thanks!

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