Ezekiel Bread Products

Since the first of the year, I have been converting H and I to clean eating. So far we are doing pretty well..I am about 90% there and H is about 70% there! We have found we really enjoy cleaner eating not only because we feel sooooo much better, but we seem to taste and enjoy food more..nothing processed to get in the way of the natural taste of foods.
As you have seen on my blog, I am continually finding new blogs to explore for clean eating and now am trying to find cleaner premade food choices too…breads, cereals, snacks, etc. So far the granola bars, cereals, sweeteners, chips (black bean tortillas and ww tortilla chips), etc we have enjoyed, but breads have been a different story. We have tried several breads and buns, but find they are dry, bland or so full of stuff we can really taste what is going on, until I found Food for life baking company. Their products are PERFECT. Soft, tasty, grainy without being overly grainy, and pair great with burgers, chicken/tuna salads, peanut butter, great toasted, etc… We especially like how few ingredients it takes to make such a tasty bread. THe less processed the better for us!

Definitely give these products a try!



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