Product Review: Krups Moka Brewer

Recently, I was asked to review new products, recipes, techniques, etc in the kitchen.  First up was a product review of the Krups Moka Brewer.

Well, me being a huge huge coffee lover, I was thrilled to test this product. I got started right away the first day it came. I tested the first pot with my normal coffee. A few days later I was sent some Starbucks coffee and tried another pot with that. Here are my thoughts..


First, I was impressed with the small size. Nothing is worse than a huge piece of kitchen appliance to take up more space on my counter. Yes I know I could put it away each time I use it, but my cupboard space is limited too. So, I was happy to find this brewer was compact. But with its compact size, I worried that if I made a pot it wouldn’t be enough for my morning million cups or for a dinner party and all my guests. Well, I was mistaken. This size was perfect because you only need a small cup of it to be satisfied. Similar to an espresso or smaller stronger latte. Less is more.

Secondly, this brewer is meant to make Italian pressed type coffee. Once again I was a bit worried about it being too much or too strong. I am not a strong coffee lover, and that is why I never get espresso at coffee shops. I find it gives me heartburn and always leaves me with a  horrible after taste and I tend to feel like my insides were stained in coffee..I know odd, but I fins stronger coffees to be thick like..ICK. But to my surprise once again, I loved it. The coffee was strong whether I used my everyday store brand coffee or the ever excellent Starbucks. And like espresso you don’t need very much to satisfy you so this small pot was plenty for my guests and I to enjoy! And I wasnt left with that thick overly strong icky espresso taste. This deep rich pressed coffee was perfect after a meal.

Third, I love how great this brewer makes coffee taste. I tested both my store brand coffee, Godiva coffee (this weekend) and Starbucks. All came out with a very deep, rich, piping hot taste. Normally I add splenda and ff/sf flavored creamer to my coffee. Well, with this pot, I didn’t need to. I was able to enjoy it hot and black, which normally I shy away from. It wasnt piercing strong or too much, it was the right amount of rich coffee flavor that I didn’t want to lose with add-ins. I did try it tho once with creamer and once with both creamer and splenda and found the plain black was the winner. I don’t like regular coffee straight tho, odd huh?
Lastly, I love how quite and quick this brewer is. No brewing noises, no long wait for it to brew and the aroma? HEAVENLY! Just like an Italian coffee, deep, flavorful coffee scented! I was in heaven!

Definitely check out this brewer. I am totally sold on it!


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