Product Review: Earth Balance Products

Once again, in an effort to clean up our eating, I wanted to find less processed spreads for our sandwiches, toast, cooking/baking, etc. While shopping my local Publix Organic section, I found some Earth Balance products. I grabbed the whipped butter and decided to give it a go. I love how all the ingredients are all natural, organic, and/or healthy.

I tried it the next morning on my toasted Ezekiel bread. It melted just like butter would,had a fantastic buttery flavor, and went well with mashed fruit on top (in place of jelly). I was very pleased with this product.

I then search for butter sticks by Earth Balance to try to bake with. I made some chocolate chip cookies (clean eating almond butter cookies) and brownies. Both came out great. The sticks worked just as well as normal butter sticks. I did then try it in frosting and while it was good it didn’t have that intense buttery flavor. That can be easily fixed with butter flavor extract tho if I really wanted too, but overall the sticks and spreads worked well in cooking with just a few tweaks and adjustments along the way.

I then put out the whipped butter for our guests along with regular butter sticks. All of the guests used the Earth Balance and loved it. Definitely worth giving these products a try!

ENJOY and be healthy!


One Comment on “Product Review: Earth Balance Products”

  1. TPOX says:

    I love this stuff!

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