Franks Red Hot Sauce Grilled Corn

WOW if heaven was in corn form, this would be it! This corn is so AHHH-MAZINGLY good, I can’t even put it into words. Grilled, Franks Red Hot Sauce, Corn, Summertime BBQ? What else is there? That all spells perfection to me.
This past weekend H and I hosted a bbq for some family and friends who came into town. We had a fabulous time, swimming, playing games,laying out and enjoying our friend Tony’s amazing grilled corn! Definitely give this a try….Here is Tony’s recipe!!! Happy BBQ’ing!


Bi-Color corn is the best
1 stick of butter for every 8-10 ears of corn-very softened
Franks Red Hot to taste (Flavor and amount can vary – start with 6-8 oz per stick of butter)

Mix very soft butter with Franks Red Hot Sauce. Combine well and baste corn. Keep the rest on hand to keep basting while grilling. 
Constantly rotate and baste for 25-35 minutes – depending on heat of burners – you don’t want it too soft.
Serve immediately!


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