Product Review: Doctor Krackers

The next product review in my series of clean eating products is one of my all times faves, Doctor Krackers. OMG these are wonderful, especially the flat breads. They are quite hard to break or bite, but so worth the effort…LOL!
Dr. Krackers have a variety of crackers and flat breads which are great with cheeses, clean eating spreads, soups, stews, and my favorite way, with hummus or peanut butter spread on top! The flat breads are 100 cals and make for a great snack or use two in place of breads for a great lunch!
What I love most about these crackers/flat breads though, is the few ingredients it takes to make them, so less process, more wholesome goodness to enjoy, so it fits very well into our clean eating ways. They are not only delicious tasting, their Pumpkin Seed Cheddar crackers are my favorite and taste great with natural organic peanut butters, hummus, and a bit of low fat cheese melted on top. It is my go to afternoon snack!

All of Doctor Krackers flavors are great, healthy, and filling. Definitely check these out for a better go to snack. I tend to break them up and munch on them or eat them whole with a spread on top!

Here is my favorite kind:


One Comment on “Product Review: Doctor Krackers”

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve been wanting to try these for a while now. I just found out one of my local stores sells them!

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