Product review: Fage Greek Yogurts

I love yogurt, I could and do eat it every day. I can add it to chicken dishes, muffin recipes, top Mexican foods, add fruit to it, blend it, etc. Whatever I can do with yogurt, I do. I especially have fallen in loooovee with Greek yogurts. Thicker, less soury tasting and very healthy for you. What I didnt like was a lot of them have added sugars and sweets especially if flavored. I was hoping to get away from that and was happy to find a great tasting Greek yogurt that fit that bill. My favorite is Fage.
I love the lighter taste, the great thick texture and the various fat options. We prefer to eat the 0% with fresh fruit added in,  or honey, or granola. We also love Fage to use in place of sour cream, especially the 2% fat version. I dont mind the 0% as sour cream, but H likes the 2% better as it is closer to sour cream. We have enjoyed it so much that we dont ever buy sour cream anymore unless guests are coming over, then I offer both.
I find that I can use the Fage in place of sour cream in all my recipes without changing the texture, taste  or final product. Its creamy, rich flavor melds well with any recipe calling for sour cream, so you can eat guilt-free with a guilty taste!! Who knew eating so healthy and so cleanly could be oh so good?
Fage has several varieties including fat free to full fat and flavored options. We prefer the plain fat free and add in our likes-fruits, honey, agave, granola and even cook and bake with it successfully!

Definitely give this great yogurt a try:


One Comment on “Product review: Fage Greek Yogurts”

  1. Paula says:

    My favorite Greek yogurt! (We also use it when we stuff & freeze our dog’s Kongs.. she loves it too, and it’s good to know she’s getting a good, low-fat (or no-fat) protein source.)

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