Product review: Bear Naked Granola

My last product review for awhile is Bear Naked Granola. I love granola on cereals, yogurt, as a snack, etc. When I started eating clean I needed to either make my own granola or find a very clean eating granola with no added sugars, processed items, etc. So, my brother had mentioned he and his family love Bear Naked Granola. So I gave it a try. IT IS FANTASTIC!

I love adding this granola to my morning greek yogurt and fruit. The nut and fruit variety tastes great over yogurt! I love to half a cantaloupe, add in plain yogurt and a bit of granola. It makes for a perfect breakfast! Definitely give it a try!

Check out the rest of Bear Naked Granola products today!

Here is my favorite:


2 Comments on “Product review: Bear Naked Granola”

  1. Cara says:

    Have you tried the peanut butter and jelly kind? I really want to try that one, but can’t find it here!!

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