Santa hat cupcakes

Ahhh just in time for the holiday season…santa hat cupcakes. I saw these on pinterest from Diane’s blog and knew they would be PERFECT for our annual holiday party. Each year we host a wine/holiday party. Everyone brings a bottle of wine and an app/dessert to share and we kickoff the holiday season together. Well I can never decide on one or two things, so I make like 4-5 things to share. 2 of which are a dessert. This year as soon as I saw these I was either making them for my H’s work or our party. Our party was first, so they got the cute cupcakes. (I made ahead to practice and froze the rest for the party)

All you need is one batch of chocolate cupcakes (I made 24 cupcakes) baked and cooled. Make 2-3 batches of butter cream (I doubled and had JUST enough so you might want to make  more than I did if you are heavy-handed), and use 1/4- 1/3 for stars and leave white. Make that batch a bit stiffer to hold star shape. The rest of the frosting, dye a deep, bright red and use a round tip to create a very high fluffy santa hat. Once the red part is done, pipe white stars around the base of the hat and a nice sized star on top for the ball of his hat. And it’s that easy. I did add almond instead of vanilla to my butter cream as I always prefer almond flavor during the holidays.


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