Sugar Cookie Biscotti

As my readers know I love biscotti. I love them with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, I love how easy they are to make and I love how many different flavors you can make as biscotti. But I love buttery, almond flavored sugar cookies at the holidays even more. But sugar cookies, the cut out kind, are a pain to make sometimes. So I decided to take my favorite basic biscotti recipe, use almond extract in the batter instead of any other addins, and top with an almond glaze. I used this recipe with almond extract, about a tsp to tsp and a half, then topped with a half cup to a cup of powdered sugar mixed with a tsp to tbsp of water (add a bit at time to get a glaze consistency), add in a small bit of almond extract and mix well. Dye if desired and drizzle on cookies. I do find that with sugar cookies they are best made a few days ahead. The almond and butter flavors deepen and are oh so good. The same is with these biscottis. Make them a few days in advance and then they are perfect!



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