O.N.E Coconut water review

So here we go, review of coconut waters #1. I decided to best do these reviews was to drink the coconut water as intended. To replenish and rehydrate after a somewhat hard, sweaty activity. So, instead of sipping, tasting, enjoying the waters, I waited to try each one after a long hot yoga session, a hard HIIT on the elliptical, or after working in the yard/garage/etc on a hot florida day.
So today, after a rather HOT and VERY sweaty yoga session, I cracked open my first water. O.N.E coconut water.
Now mind you, I have tried 2 other coconut waters in my life and to be honest, HATED THEM. They tasted “thick” (if that makes any sense), had way too strong of a flavor of coconut, almost fake like, and just were not chugable like you’d want after a sweaty activity. So to be honest, I was a bit hesitant to do these reviews, but Denice is so awesome, I decided to give it a whirl again.

Today was O.N.E coconut water. After a hot yoga session on a hot Florida day, I tried this one. I was drinking it as I was driving to my errands, Christmas time chaos at Target (YIKES) so I was hoping this water would refresh me, rehydrate me enough to battle the crowds at Target then the grocery store. As I normally do after hot yoga, I chug as much chilled (key here is to drink coconut water chilled) water as I can. So I opened the chilled coconut water and chugged it down.

Here’s my thoughts:
1. Right away I noticed the taste. It was like a slight watery apple juice but very enjoyable. Not heavy, bland or overly sweet.
2. It didnt taste thick :-/ LOL
3. The plain coconut water flavor was subtle but enough to enjoy it
4. After I chugged it and drove another 20 mins to Target, I noticed I didnt “need” more water. Normally I chug 32-48 ounces after yoga, but this time I could drink more water, but wasnt CRAVING it like my life depended on it.
5. I felt hydrated after. Sometimes after yoga or elliptical, I drink to a ton of water but still have that dehydrated, run down feeling, so I grab Gatorade to help. Like Gatorade, this helped replenish me and help me feel hydrated yet I didnt have all the sugar and sweetness of a Gatorade. This is just natural coconut water. I didnt feel run down or achy after but was able to tackle Target and the grocery store!!
6. I liked the packaging too. Small, portable, and paper packaging is easy to dispose of. The box reminded me of drink boxes back in the day and make me feel a bit kid like…bonus there!! LOL!

Overall, I really did like this coconut water. Out of 5 stars I’d give this a 4.5-5 stars. Excellent!
Small enough to throw in your purse or bag, tasty, hydrates you well and nothing artificial in it!!! Definitely give this O.N.E coconut water a try. They even have flavored ones too!!

Hope this helps…keep your eyes peeled for more coconut water reviews over the next few days and weeks!!


2 Comments on “O.N.E Coconut water review”

  1. I have tried this coconut water and it is absolutely the Best! I searched high and low for coconut water that tasted like a freshly picked coconut and have never been able to find anyting of that quality. I understood fully well what you meant when you said the others tasted “thick” that was the gross part of the experience. When I came upon One Coconut water I was skeptical but the first sip convinced and compelled me to keep drinking. Love this stuff!!! I hale from the island of Trinidad and Tobago and know what coconut water should taste like and this is the real deal. Finally I can drink good coconut water in Idaho.

  2. Deborah T. says:

    I was told that coconut water helps to lower blood pressure. I have been faithfully drinking O.N.E. after my strenous power walks and I must say I really enjoy it and I see the difference in my results of my blood pressure. I only wish that Walmart would carry the smaller 11.2 fl oz in the plain, pineapple, mango, pink guava

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