CoCo Libre Pure Organic coconut water product review

For my next coconut water review, I will be reviewing the CoCo Libre coconut water. I tried this bottle after one of my favorite hot yoga classes by Nikki. No matter the size or heat in class, I always come out like a drowned rat from her classes. She not only works us enough to create more heat than the heaters are putting out, but also challenges each and every one of us to push ourselves past our comfort zone and see how far we can push ourselves. I have grown as a yogi so much from her classes! So this was a perfect time to do another coconut water review.

This time I grabbed the CoCo Libre Organic Water. I was impressed with the bottle right away and hoped it lived up to its cuteness…LOL


1. Right away, I noticed the bottle. It definitely caught my eye. I like the bottle shape and size. It fit easily in my purse and was easy to handle after a sweaty yoga class. The smaller, sleeker shape was easy to grab and would be perfect in any workout bag. I thought it would be good in kids sports bags and even their lunches. Small and sleek to fit in any lunch bag/tote.
2. This water rehydrated me just as quick as others with a very refreshing taste. I found very quickly after I chugged it, I was feeling better. The run down feeling you get after a sweaty workout was quickly gone, and I was left with my nice workout high and feeling great.
3. I did like the very subtle coconut flavor that wasnt too overpowering. When you need to chug water after a hard, sweaty activity, you don’t want too heavy of a flavor. This one went down great.
4. I did notice an odd tingling sensation after I drank this one. For some reason it turned me off. I love the taste, shape and size, yet the tingle threw me for a loop. Not sure if that’s common with this water, but it was there..LOL
5. I did like the lower carb and cal count on this one as I didn’t feel like I was drinking too many calories which some times can be a diet trap. I try to steer clear of calorie laden drinks, and this is one reason I steer clear of sports drinks. Too sugary and too high in calorie, blowing my days cals. This was about 50-60 cals and low in carbs/sugars. Just enough to replenish you after a hard activity such as hot yoga

So would I recommend this brand to a friend? Yes,  but I still am put off by the odd tingling sensation I got, and so while I do think this is a great product, I still feel O.N.E water was still running #1 right now. That one just was my overall favorite so far and fit my needs just a bit  more.

Both so far have replenished me, rehydrated me and helped me feel even better after hot yoga, but if I were to push a product, ONE is #1 with my next coconut water I will be reviewing as a close close second. I think CoCo Libre is my 3rd favorite!

So, what do you think? Have you tried coconut waters? Which are your favorites? Let me know!!



3 Comments on “CoCo Libre Pure Organic coconut water product review”

  1. Blue Box says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog.

    • Annie says:

      In my experience, Coco Libre might be better for those particularly sweaty yoga classes (or bike rides, in my case.) Because it has over double the sodium content of some of the other coconut waters, you get both full potassium replacement and sodium replacement — critical for full electrolyte replacement. Hope this helps!

  2. Anna says:

    Love coco libre more than one coconut water. Taste better. Coco libre don’t make ur mouth feel dry after drinking… One coconut water did for me

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