Vita Coco coconut water review

I loved this next water I am  reviewing almost  as much as I loved O.N.E coconut water. This one was just perfect after I did a long elliptical workout. Our house was quite warm that day and I had really pushed myself on the elliptical, so just water alone wouldn’t do after this workout. So, I turned to my group of coconut waters and tried another. Today was the Vita CoCo water. I was excited to try this one as it reminded me of ONE water.

So, how did I like this one?

1. I, again like the ONE water, like the packaging of this water. The paper box packing reminded me of good ol’drink boxes as a kid and that always brings back good memories :-).
2. As you can see, this coconut water is much larger than the other two I have tried so far. It was about double the size. While I enjoyed the size of the ONE water (it seemed just enough that was needed after hot yoga), I did like the extra amount after the elliptical. While I sweated less on the elliptical, I did feel more run down after this workout due to the length and how hard I pushed, so having the larger coconut water was a plus. So, if you find you are doing a harder, longer, more strenuous workout, the larger size might fit you better.
3. The taste was just the same as my favorite ONE water. Light, subtle and lower in calorie. Just keep in mind there are 2 servings here, so you are drinking more calories and carbs!
4. The only reason I like the ONE water more was the smaller shape. So, if you are on the fence, both ONE and Vita waters are great. ONE has great flavored ones, smaller size and smaller opening to drink from. Vita also has great flavors, yet larger drinking area and larger bottle. I found this was good as each one fit my rehydrating needs perfectly.
5. After chugging this entire box, like the other coconut waters I felt replenished. The light flavor and low sugar taste/amount made it easy to drink, easy to chug and was very enjoyable.
6. Being this one is larger in size, I found its great to take on trips. My H and I take long road trips and don’t always like heavy meals on our stomachs, yet need to stay fueled and hydrated to stay focused on the roads. For our last long road trip, I grabbed a couple of bottles of these. The larger size did come in handy here and were perfect for keeping us hydrated and filled up in btw lighter roadtrip meals. Now, my H isn’t the biggest fan of coconut waters, but rather than drinking our weight in Gatorades and diet cokes, this was a great alternative. Maybe I will convert him after all!!

Overall, this is my very, very very close 2nd favorite. The only difference in this one and the ONE water is the size. Both rehydrate, replenish and are very tasty, yet the size is quite different, so choose the one that best fits your needs!

Have you tried any coconut waters I reviewed yet? What do you think so far?



2 Comments on “Vita Coco coconut water review”

  1. Jamie S says:

    VitaCoCo does come in boxes that are the same size as the ONE brand. Don’t know about your stores but my Kroger has other flavors as well, I love the VitaCoCo with pomegranate flavor. I’ll have to try the ONE brand to see if I like it.

  2. Mona May says:

    I purchased Vita CoCo and was looking forward to a new experience. Yep, it was an experience all right. I was certain it was spoiled! It seemed good for a split second but had a terrible after kick to it. It took me about 10 minutes to find the experation date on the box. I finally found it and it was not out of date so I will have to give this a double thumbs down. I just tasted really bad! Wish I could get a refund. It is not cheap…. Not recommended!

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