Organic Young Coconut Water review

Hello all! Sorry it’s been so long since a blog post. Holidays kinda got in the way. But I’m back and ready to review more coconut waters for you and share a few new recipes as well.
The latest coconut water I sampled after a very powerful NYE hot yoga class with Nikki, was Coconut Young coconut water. I was interested in trying this one because I am one who prefers canned drinks over bottles. Tastes different to me! Odd I know! Lol!

Here’s my review:
1. Like all the other waters I’ve tried this one really replenished me after my workout. I drank half if this can then jumped on the elliptical for a bit then finished it and it was great. It really replenished me quicker than just water alone. Just what I needed!
2.this one had a great taste yet didn’t do anything for me. It was kinda just there. I can’t describe it but it just didn’t jump out at me. Not one I’d remember to grab next time. More meh tasting. Boring no wow factor!
3.with it being a can it was and stayed much colder than this others. This I preferred. Oddly enough, if anyone who knows me well knows I prefer all my drinks, well most drinks, with no chill or ice. Room temp is best. Milk and beer and coffees are my exception, except now coconut water. It is so much better COLLLLD! So this being a can was great. Very chilled!!
4. Overall, I liked this water but not sure it’d be the first one I’d grab. It was chilled, but lacked a jump at me flavor. Just meh tasting. Not wow but not bad. I’d still pick others over this.
So have you tried any of theses waters yet? Which has been your favorite or is there one out there you think I should try?!? Let me know your thoughts!!!


2 Comments on “Organic Young Coconut Water review”

  1. jennaduffy says:

    WoW! I’ve never tried coconut water in a can! I’ve been drinking Harmless Harvest after yoga lately. It’s so refreshing, I think because it’s raw and organic. Tastes just like from out of the coconut! Maybe try it out?

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