Real coconut water and Real coco aloe water review

For my next coconut water review, I decided to do two at once since they are the same brand just different types. I enjoyed both of these waters after back to back yoga sessions this past week.



1. Like all coconut waters, these refreshed and replenished me right away. I really need rehydration after Nikki’s yoga fusion and then hot yoga and Elaine’s yogalates and Nikki’s hot yoga, and both of these did the job. The bottles are just slightly bigger so I enjoyed more of the good coco goodness!
2. I really enjoyed the very light coconut taste of these waters. Both had very mild flavorings but what I really liked was the bits of coconut and aloe in each. I was quite surprised I liked it as I’m not one for liking pulp in my drinks at all. But this really hit the spot and added something to the water. Obviously not something I’d always enjoy but while drinking these I really did like the added bonus!!!
3. I like the glass bottles over the paper containers of my top choice, ONE Water, ESP because it kept the water much colder. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m not one for cold drinks, but coconut water IS best enjoyed chilled! Glass bottles keep it a bit colder.
4. I found this brand to be just as refreshing and “chugable” as ONE and one I’d choose to replenish myself after a strenuous activity.

So far I’m still loving ONE or Cocovita, but this brand is definitely one I’d have again.
Now, if I can just convince my H to give up gatorades for coconut water, everything would be perfect! Lol. Baby steps!
Tried any of these waters yet? Liking any brand over another? Let me know your thoughts!
One more review to go!


2 Comments on “Real coconut water and Real coco aloe water review”

  1. Denice McClure says:

    I loved those little bits too. I didn’t think I would when I read the label yet they really added a wonderful sensation while drinking it. They kind of reinforce the yoga experience of being present while enjoying the drink. I love their motto too: A Taste of Happiness.

  2. I love this Coconut Water. Of all the coconut waters out there, this one is the only one that reminds me of being a child visiting the Philippines and sipping coconut juice right out of a freshly cut open coconut.

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