Eggs and pepper rings

In an effort to add more and more veggies to our diet, I try to make sure each meal has some. After a while, I need new ideas. I recently saw this on several blogs online and thought it was a cute way to get veggies in at breakfast.



Peppers cut into rings 1-2 per person
Eggs as many per person, one per pepper
Salt and pepper to your liking
A bit of butter or oil for pan

Heat pan and oil. Once warm add pepper ring. Cook a minute or so, then add egg. Season as desired Cover and cook a few minutes until desired doneness. Here I flipped mine but you could keep cooking and nix flipping if you prefer and cook til done I don’t like any runny white part, so I carefully flipped and cooked til done on the other side. Serve immediately.

See quick, easy, delicious and healthy! 🙂


One Comment on “Eggs and pepper rings”

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    And they are cute, too!!

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