Sesame encrusted salmon

I’ve seen many many recipes like this all over online. After reading many of them, I came up with this recipe based in what I had on hand. This was excellent and very easy to make!



2 6-7 ounce boneless, skinless salmon fillets
approx. 3-4 Tbs sesame seeds
olive oil for sauteing fish
1 bunch asparagus chopped
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 generous Tbs minced garlic
olive oil for sautéing veggies
1 cups grape or cherry tomatoes

Heat oven to 400.
Prepare salmon. Season as you enjoy and sprinkle with sesame seeds on skinless side and press in well. Season with salt and pepper.
Heat oil in an oven safe skillet and sauté most of the garlic (save just a bit for the veggies). Place salmon seed side down and cook 3-4 minutes.
While fish is cooking heat oil in small pan and add a small bit of garlic and heat. Once warm add veggies and balsamic vinegar and sauté veggies til tomatoes are about to burst. Season with salt and pepper.
After fish has cooked on one side, flip and finish in oven for 5-7 mins.
Once all fish and veggies are done, serve immediately.


2 Comments on “Sesame encrusted salmon”

  1. Yum! That looks delicious!

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